Hybrid Final Project

I was extremely excited to start the final project because we weren’t limited in terms of medium or concept besides the fact that it had to combine both digital and “analog” components. For my project, I created a collage using digitally altered images of myself and found objects. This piece, which I titled, “Untitled #27”. This piece was extremely personal. I was diagnosed with clinical depression at the age of 15, my mother suffers from the same illness. I’ve been on and off different medications since then and just recently had an appointment with a new psychiatrist for a new medicine. I haven’t been feeling too well this semester and creating this collage was an amazing form of catharsis for me. I think my recent thoughts and appointments acted as the catalyst for this collage. I don’t really relish the thought of speaking out about my mental health, but this collage provided me with a different kind of outlet. I didn’t want my thoughts or words to be easily read, so I oriented them in all different directions and created somewhat of a code while writing. I wanted to focus on composition in this piece which I think I did so effectively. I used a variety of media including my altered images, film negatives, burnt matches, acrylic paint, cigarette boxes, doctor’s notes, prescription labels. I wanted to create a kind of “I Spy” game within the collage. Some elements are so small, you’d be better off with a magnifying glass. I’m extremely satisfied with the final product and I’m glad I had the opportunity to create this.


Post Card Returns

I received only one post card back from this process, but I was pleased with the result. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the card, I taped it in my sketchbook which is currently in the possession of Darice Polo and the rest of my Final Portfolio for Drawing III. The writer left it anonymous, but it read, “I worry about a lot of things. My friends, my family, even myself, and my worth.” The post card was also wrinkled due to water damage so they followed my instructions to a tee. I found this persons’ words very relatable- who doesn’t worry about those things?

Unfortunately, the cards I mailed out never made it back to me. I mailed one to my older sister and her husband in Canada, but they said they had never received it. I’m assuming I wrote the address incorrectly. I also sent one to an old friend in Texas, but she never mailed it back to me. She said she was too busy with school- I guess that’s an engineering major for ya! I saved the pdf to my flashdrive- so I might just make a few more copies and hand them out randomly. I think I’d prefer to receive my postcard from strangers rather than friends.

Human Movement Video

Our Human Movement video requirements were pretty open and vague. We had only the idea of “Human Movement” to go off of. I’m in Albert’s Dada and Surrealism class and we’ve been studying films from these two movements. The films had little coherence and no obvious plot or rationale. My film was inspired by Sigmund Freud as was a lot of the work made by Dadaists and Surrealists. The film delves into Eitzman’s (Olivia’s) subconscious producing a random array of clips that don’t make much sense. I tried to make it as obvious as possible that she was dreaming through differing clip transitions and filters. Most of the footage wasn’t planned. I tried to rely on automatism alone (a staple when creating art as a dadaist/surrealist). I wasn’t aware I was even being filmed for some of it. I think this made the video a little more relatable. I was happy with the final product!

Human Movement Proposal

For me, Premier is fairly daunting. I’m worried that I will focus too much on a certain idea I thought of and if I’m unable to execute it properly, I would get really frustrated. This has been a problem for me in my other studios. Instead, I’m going to film a bunch of nonsense and challenge myself to mash it together when it comes time to edit. I want to create some kind of narrative because without one, I don’t see the point in creating a video. I’m going to “wing” the narrative portion and hope I can figure something out!

Final 5×5 Emotion Video

For our first premier project, we had to film 5, 5 second videos. We were to compile to videos, but not disrupt their timeline, making a 25 second video. The short clips were supposed to invoke a certain emotion. I attempted to depict a feeling of anxiousness in my 5×5 video. I’m pretty sure I was successful in doing so because a few of my classmates got it off the bat. I filmed some of my nervous ticks- playing with my tongue ring, picking at my nails, tapping my foot, smoking. I changed the color scheme to a more unnatural, sickly greenish to invoke uneasiness in the viewer. I also bumped up the volume within each clip to exaggerate what I was doing.

Identity Quadryptic

The Identity Quadryptic assignment asked for us to create 4 5 by 7 in panels. The 4 panels were to be cohesive and have only vector images and a drawn element created in Illustrator. Transferring from photoshop to illustrator has been a struggle for me because i went from being completely comfortable with the program i was working with to knowing nothing about the program.

My quadryptic centers around bad luck. Recently, I’ve felt like things haven’t been going my way no matter how I try. Each panel has a different element of bad luck, snake eye dice, an ominous fortune, the WHIP hand, and an umbrella indoors. I liked how i physically set up the images as well for critique. I think my images look enough alike, but maintain compositional differences to keep it interesting.

Propaganda Poster Proposal

For my Propaganda Poster, I want to do something revolving around fat women or fat people and how they’re treated. I want the phrase to be shocking and I want the imagery to be unsettling or even offensive. I think that’s what makes good propaganda. I’ve got a few inspirations, but I’m going to try to create something entirely my own- at least in terms of wording.


In digital media, our assignment was to create a postcard using both pixel based and vector images using adobe illustrator. I transformed one of my intaglio prints into a vector image and placed it on top of a normal image of the ocean. Using the calligraphy tool, I crosshatched around my drawing to assimilate it into the waves. The instructions on my card were kind of a play on “washing away one’s worries”. I asked the reader to write down their worries and then wet the card in any way they see fit. On the side opposite of the instructions I included one of my own worries (above the bird), it reads, “I AM NO LONGER MY OWN”. I’m hoping this postcard offers the people involved some form of catharsis! I’m happy with the final result, it has the moody, distressed look I was originally aiming for.

Self Portrait- Digital Media

I ended up creating my self-portrait centered around my catholic upbringing. Raphael’s putti in the bottom corners are representative of the painting my mother has had hanging in our homes for the past two decades. Michelangelo’s creation of Adam hands are inverted and wrapped around my neck and DaVinci’s Madonna with the carnation is below my eye. (Carnations were first believed to have appeared on Earth from the tears of the virgin- representing a mother’s undying love.) In latin, above the halo, reads, “Ignosce mihi, pater, quit peccavi” or “Forgive me, father, for I have sinned”. This statement begins the Catholic sacrament of Reconciliation (a mandatory exercise for children attending Catholic school). I’m happy with the final product, although now, I’d consider myself more agnostic, this project was kind of cathartic. johnson_self-portrait200

Self-Portrait Proposal

In digital media, our current assignment is a collage type piece depicting the self. A lot of my art is self-portraiture, I’m constantly going back to it. As Kahlo said, “I paint self portraits…because I am the person I know the best”. I’m still unsure of how to go about this assignment. I’ve asked some of my closest friends to describe any imagery that comes to mind when they think of me. Joey gave me a beautiful color scheme to consider with soft, hazy peaches cut by deep, sharp reds. I thought about incorporating some of the places I used to live, or I might include images of the master’s religious works, Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, to represent the years of Catholic schooling I endured and my religious upbringing. There’s also the idea of water I might attempt to assimilate into the collage. I’m a swimmer and there’s something about the idea of achieving near weightlessness that I love. I haven’t quite decided how to best portray myself through this assignment. So, today, I might tinker around with a few of these ideas and (hopefully) come to a better understanding 0f what I want to do.