I Survived My First Week of College

I think every incoming freshman imagines how their first week of college will ensue. My own questions ranged from, “How do I turn on the shower?” to, “How will I ever navigate my way through this campus?”

My biggest and still ongoing obstacle is the fact that my otherwise lovely residence hall has NO AIR CONDITIONING- every fat girl’s worst nightmare! My roommate and I acquired an extensive range of fans and placed them strategically throughout the room. 91 degrees was our record high. How did I do it? I’m still not so sure myself. The lack of air conditioning caused us to spend a lot of our time in our (air conditioned) first floor lounge. Although inconvenient, the change of location provided us with the opportunity to meet more people in our hall.

So, you’re an incoming freshman at Kent State and you don’t want to look like an incoming freshman at Kent State. You’re in luck! Here’s my first week survival guide:

– I HIGHLY recommend finding the buildings and classrooms you’ll be in the following week. My first day on campus, I used that god-forsaken navigation tool on the Kent State App. DO NOT USE IT. It will probably take you on the campus loop and each of your classes will appear miles apart when in reality it’s a straight shot through campus! Don’t doubt the accuracy of the paper map they give you on move in day. Luckily, I never lost my way or showed up to class late, which were probably two of my biggest fears.

– Who doesn’t want to meet new, cool people? If you’re shy, like me, all of these strangers living so close to you can be pretty intimidating. But my best advice is to be friendly, a passing smile is more productive than you’d think.

– Try your best to keep your room reasonably neat. I ran into a couple arguments with my roommate because of my mess(es). (I think organized chaos is apparent in the genes of any artist.)

– I am a CHRONIC procrastinator. I urge you not to follow in my footsteps, but, hey, old habits die hard. I was reminded of how awful this habit of mine really was this past week. I crammed 7+ hours of homework into one night and again, I have no idea how I finished.


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