Visiting Artist: Andrea Myers

Andrea Myers is a sculpture artist from Columbus, Ohio. She started college as an English major at Carnegie Mellon, she later transferred to OSU, and then decided to finish out her Bachelor’s degree at School of Art Institute of Chicago. She stayed at SAIC and got her masters in Fiber and Material Studies in 2002. She’s currently a professor at Kent’s Stark campus and a working artist. Her sculpture materials range from paper, to fabric, to wood. I’m not very familiar with sculpture, but I found her presentation very interesting!

Most of her artwork features similar concepts/research interests such as hybrid forms and internal VS external conflict.

One of her most recent pieces is an amazing example of the internal VS external conflict.

Myers created a series of artwork with the same concept. She coined this her “Duplicate Series”. She creates a strip using different colored fabric and then parallel to that strip she places a piece of wood that was painted identically. Although they’re different materials, it appears as if it’s a reflection!

Myers usually starts all of her concepts with simple black concepts. She uses these contours for her self and possible commissions as a blueprint for her work. One of her commissions was a sculpture in Franklin Park Conservatory, in Columbus. (my home town!)


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