What does “being successful” mean to me? 

Being only 18, my achievements are limited and relatively small. Then again, I don’t think success can be measured in physical achievements alone. I think there are a few common notions of success that most people have- “success is making a living by doing what you love”. Let’s put that statement into an equation: money + happiness = success! This equation is what many of the students at this university are striving for. Can you blame them? Not at all! It’s completely reasonable. 

I think that equation can be one formula for success, but I also think there are multiple formulas. These formulas vary depending on age, social status, desires, etc. To me, there are potentionally millions of formulas and many people will have similar ones. 

My own formula? I don’t have it quite figured out. I’m not sure really, about anything. So pinpointing something as peculiar and indivudual as my own idea of success is fairly pointless right now. It’s subject to change over and over again and it’s completely tentative. I’m only 18! I have no idea what I’m doing this week, let alone the years following graduation. 

I’m really avoiding this question, aren’t I? Okay, to be more specific, as of RIGHT NOW, my formula for being successful looks something like this: good grades + learning about interesting things + good relationships with the people I love + overall health + balancing hobbies and work = success!


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