Common Core

I think as artists, the idea of mandated, common core classes makes many of us shudder. Especially…math. *sigh* I’ve always despised math with my entire being! I hate math so much that if I took the energy I put into hating math and actually put it into studying for math then I probably wouldn’t be half bad at it. (Like that would ever happen) After this semester, I never have to look at math in a school setting ever again! That’s what’s pushing me to do well in math right now.

I knew I would have to take core classes in order to supplement my well-rounded college education. I actually look forward to having the ability or even the duty to learn about other things that aren’t art related. Don’t get me wrong- I love the art world and I want to learn as many things as possible about it, but my curiosity isn’t limited to art. I genuinely want to learn more about everything I find interesting. I’m taking an intro to sociology class this semester and I’m eating that stuff up! I love the thrill of learning new things and expanding my knowledge base. I wanted a higher eduation, not only for a degree, but for the oppurtunity to become more knowledgable.

  When math is out of the way, I plan on loading up my schedule with histories, sciences, philosophy, women studies, and any other intriguing course I would love to wrap my mind around. In the aspect of math, common core is a necessary evil. 


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