I’ve run into a few challenges that have affected me personally- my roommate and I have gotten into a few arguments about the room. Most of which are noise/timing related, but we’ve come up with compromises here and there to work out any quirks. It’s an ongoing thing, but I’m pushing through. I think sleep is a big deal in college. How many hours is too many hours? And how many hours of sleep do I need to function normally?! Not sure, my sleep schedule is way out of whack (which I kind of anticipated), but I’m trying to get a handle on it. A messy sleep schedule usually means there’s some mismatched time management behind it. I’m trying to get stuff done during the week, so I’m not stressing on the weekends, but nothing is working out the way I want it to. I’d gladly take some time management tips.


Academically, I’m doing well in all of my classes except for drawing. (I have a C+) Which could pose a problem because I’m a drawing major?!!!??!!??! It’s kind of freaking me out. I finish my homework, follow instructions, and I’ve never missed a class. I’ve never drawn reaslistically from life before, just from images so maybe the fact that it’s new to me is throwing me off? I feel like my style isn’t what he wants, but I think I’m slowly gravitating towards what he’s looking for. I’m really hoping I can pull my grade up to an A before the end of the semester, because this is stressing me out.


I decided to apply to the undergraduate art scholarship last week (the night before it was due, I’m really not kidding when I say I have a procrastination problem). So I took pictures of all my work, made the PowerPoint, exported it into a PDF, and then when it was time to upload the file- it was too big. I expected this, because it said something about it on the application. I tried to follow its steps on how to make the file smaller but I just couldn’t figure it out and before I knew it, the deadline was up. I spent hours putting together this slide show to end up with nothing. I’m hoping I can use it in another scholarship application. I’m really trying to make my own art outside of class, but it’s really difficult to find the time. Again, I welcome any time management tips.


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