Project 4: Concept 

Pietro Sedda

Italian tattoo artist

Chadwick Tyler:


Black and White portrait photography mostly of women, often nude. Other pictures feature old school Americana.

David Walker:

Based in London, Street Artist

Huge scale spray paint portraits- usually women/children. His work is done completely without the use of stencils or brushes. His paints blend usually by dripping.


Large scale spontaneous realism, lots of color/line. Usually portraits of famous people. Voka, born 1965, lives and works in the Lower Austrian town of Puchberg am Schneeberg.


– Contemporary Art is the art of today, produced by artists living in the 21st century.

– Contemporary Art focuses on social issues, themes, and people of today.

– Portraits, especially uniquely done ones, genuinely interest me- something about the look in their eyes and how it transfers into a piece.

– An artist statement is a brief description of the work done by the artist, it should include a glimpse into the artist’s reasoning in order to provide the viewer with a better understanding of the piece.

– I want to make art that is beautiful, awe-inspiring, intriguing,  volatile, disturbing, ugly, anything! I want my art to be different.


Site Specific Art Work 

Or artwork that is integrated into a (usually) outdoor environment is getting more and more common.  

At large or small scales, site specific installations are usually conceptual and pretty interesting. I’m pretty excited to do this project.  I should have known our materials were going to be limited, but I had hope. My hope was crushed!!! I think I’m going to use card stock because it’s easily manipulated compared to cardboard/foam. I think using card stock would be a the smart thing to do when taking craftsmanship into account. 

I was thinking about all the trees we have on campus and how cool it would be to have an installation(s) in them.  

I was thinking about an octogon-like orb that was hollow in the center, so it appeared the tree was going through it. If it were an actual installation, I’d like the orb to be made of sheet metal with laser cut designs on the sides. It would be nice if it was lit at night too? I’m going to edit multiple images of the same prototype onto the trees by Taylor Hall. 

Response to the Museum 

Last week, both of the Friday FYE groups went to Rockwell Hall and toured the Kent State Fashion Museum. Over all it was a pretty interesting experience (I could have used some AC at the time though). We were given two handouts, one was a “scavenger hunt”, which forced us to actually look at the exhibits and understand the information given to us. The second hand out was more opinion based, which was a bit easier to fill out. We were asked to choose an artist and do some research. 

Unknowingly at the time, I chose to look into a Kent State Prefessor, Michael Loderstedt. He’s an artist from Cleveland who often works in printmaking and photography. His photograph, “The Frackpit”, caught my eye. I always admired skilled photographers. The ability to take a picture of something very ordinary and turn into something extraordinary or interesting takes a lot of skill. I still find trouble wrapping my mind around that. I’m probably not alone when I say it’s easy to get lost in an interesting photograph. “The Frackpit’s” fuchsia reflection is mesmerizing! 

Looking back, I guess it’s kind of strange that I chose to look into an artist who’s style and mediums are so different from my own. My insatiable curiosity peaks when I’m looking at interesting things. Although my concentration is in drawing/painting, I’d love to take a college level photography class. I’m planning on taking printmaking next semester and I’m so excited- I plan on experimenting with any medium I can get my hands on. 



I defined hyper as “full of energy, bouncing off the walls, excessively energetic”.’s first definition was similar to my own. 

However, the second definition of hyper tends to be used as an adjective to describe an excess. 


ORIENTATION – Is the word vertical or horizontal? Why?

I think hyper has a vertical orientation. Vertical objects can move up and down which reminded me of jumping or “bouncing off the walls”. Hyper is climbing, jumping, and moving quickly- I think this word having a vertical orientation would definitely benefit my presentation. 

BALANCE – Does the word have symmetrical, asymmetrical or radial balance?Why?

Hyper definitely has asymmetrical balance, nothing’s matching up and I imagine my composition to be pretty chaotic. 

CONTRAST – Does the word have high or low contrast? Why?

I think hyper has a fairly high contrast because it insinuates lots of movement/action. 

MOVEMENT – Does the word move fast or slow? Why?

Definitely fast! Hyper meaning excess energy- enough energy to move quickly and often. 

PROPORTION/SCALE – Is the word big or small? Why?

I think hyper can be perceived as either big or small. Hyper can be big in terms of large amounts of movement (like a large fish out of water) or small in terms of many small movements (like an insect in a jar).