I defined hyper as “full of energy, bouncing off the walls, excessively energetic”. 

Dictionary.com’s first definition was similar to my own. 

However, the second definition of hyper tends to be used as an adjective to describe an excess. 


ORIENTATION – Is the word vertical or horizontal? Why?

I think hyper has a vertical orientation. Vertical objects can move up and down which reminded me of jumping or “bouncing off the walls”. Hyper is climbing, jumping, and moving quickly- I think this word having a vertical orientation would definitely benefit my presentation. 

BALANCE – Does the word have symmetrical, asymmetrical or radial balance?Why?

Hyper definitely has asymmetrical balance, nothing’s matching up and I imagine my composition to be pretty chaotic. 

CONTRAST – Does the word have high or low contrast? Why?

I think hyper has a fairly high contrast because it insinuates lots of movement/action. 

MOVEMENT – Does the word move fast or slow? Why?

Definitely fast! Hyper meaning excess energy- enough energy to move quickly and often. 

PROPORTION/SCALE – Is the word big or small? Why?

I think hyper can be perceived as either big or small. Hyper can be big in terms of large amounts of movement (like a large fish out of water) or small in terms of many small movements (like an insect in a jar). 


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