Response to the Museum 

Last week, both of the Friday FYE groups went to Rockwell Hall and toured the Kent State Fashion Museum. Over all it was a pretty interesting experience (I could have used some AC at the time though). We were given two handouts, one was a “scavenger hunt”, which forced us to actually look at the exhibits and understand the information given to us. The second hand out was more opinion based, which was a bit easier to fill out. We were asked to choose an artist and do some research. 

Unknowingly at the time, I chose to look into a Kent State Prefessor, Michael Loderstedt. He’s an artist from Cleveland who often works in printmaking and photography. His photograph, “The Frackpit”, caught my eye. I always admired skilled photographers. The ability to take a picture of something very ordinary and turn into something extraordinary or interesting takes a lot of skill. I still find trouble wrapping my mind around that. I’m probably not alone when I say it’s easy to get lost in an interesting photograph. “The Frackpit’s” fuchsia reflection is mesmerizing! 

Looking back, I guess it’s kind of strange that I chose to look into an artist who’s style and mediums are so different from my own. My insatiable curiosity peaks when I’m looking at interesting things. Although my concentration is in drawing/painting, I’d love to take a college level photography class. I’m planning on taking printmaking next semester and I’m so excited- I plan on experimenting with any medium I can get my hands on. 



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