Site Specific Art Work 

Or artwork that is integrated into a (usually) outdoor environment is getting more and more common.  

At large or small scales, site specific installations are usually conceptual and pretty interesting. I’m pretty excited to do this project.  I should have known our materials were going to be limited, but I had hope. My hope was crushed!!! I think I’m going to use card stock because it’s easily manipulated compared to cardboard/foam. I think using card stock would be a the smart thing to do when taking craftsmanship into account. 

I was thinking about all the trees we have on campus and how cool it would be to have an installation(s) in them.  

I was thinking about an octogon-like orb that was hollow in the center, so it appeared the tree was going through it. If it were an actual installation, I’d like the orb to be made of sheet metal with laser cut designs on the sides. It would be nice if it was lit at night too? I’m going to edit multiple images of the same prototype onto the trees by Taylor Hall. 


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