Student Success Series: NSE

This past Monday, a friend and I attended one of the last available student success series presentations. (I mentioned in an earlier post that procrastination was an intrinsic flaw in my personality and that still remains true-unfortunately.) The woman giving the presentation actually started out by asking us, “How many of you are only here because it’s a requirement that you had forgotten about until now?” Almost the entire room raised their hands. 

NSE stands for National Student Exchange. This program allows students to experience a semester or a year at another university that (usually) has an excellent program relative to their major. Most of the universities involved are in the U.S, but there are a few in Puerto Rico and Canada. I knew programs like this existed prior to going to the presentation, but I’m glad I learned more about it. I’d love to study at another university, if only for a semester. 

I’m double majoring in Fine Arts and Art History- I’m looking into gallery or museum curating after graduate school, but I’d need some experience/internships. She explained how this was a great way to meet future employers and gain experience in the field you want to pursue  after school. Many students before me have already done this and landed jobs doing what they love! I know experience is looked for on almost any résumé and this program could improve my chances. 

While attending the other university, you pay Kent State tuition, all of your scholarships apply, and you pay in-state room and board costs. I’d have to review my options and talk to my parents before getting too invested in this, but it seems like a great program. 


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