Surreal Collage

Compared to some of my classmates, my collage is fairly minimal. I created a digital anecdote about my family instead of an extreme scene/space. I put one of the more recent homes we’ve lived in  the middle ground of the beach image, I layered some of the palm leaves from the foreground over the house to accommodate for some poor image quality/cropping. I layered the ivy and bushes on and in front of the house and bumped down the saturation and color to match it to the rest of the beach greenery on the dunes. The sun would be shining onto the front of the house so i bumped up the brightness and saturation because the original image was taken on a gloomy day, I also lowered the opacity to help the house recede into the beach image. The construction sign was taken from a separate image and its color was adjusted to compensate for the sunny atmosphere of the beach and I burned a shadow below it. Above the horizon line, is a series of my immediate family member’s portraits. I took away any saturation from the original image, bumped up the brightness and contrast (to maintain the face’s integrity) and then lowered the opacity by quite a bit to match the clouds below. I used the blur tool around each individual head and then layered corresponding sections of cloud for each person. I used the smudge tool on those clouds to help blend the portraits with the sky/clouds. I repeated the process for the houses on the left. Each house represents the time and place where each of us were born (aside from my parents). A lot of selecting and layering later and I was done. Now looking at some of my classmates’ images, I’m kind of worried I was a little too conservative with my concept.


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