Folded Book Project

frontcoverFor this project, we were assigned to created a folded book consisting of multiple panels (images). I kept a consistent theme throughout the book, which I titled “Zaftig” (an older euphemism used to describe a fat woman). Within each panel is a black and white portrait of myself, with the face of an animal covering my own.I was running out of animals towards the end, which I honestly hadn’t considered when I started the project so a few animals might be a stretch. Each image has a small gradient overlay in order to reveal part of my face beneath that of the animal’s. I desaturated both images and then added an overlay over the entire image of the animal’s habitat. I kept the opacity fairly low, but left some of the saturation and selected or erased the figure’s shape.

I deliberately chose animals that others commonly refer to fat women as: cow, pig, whale, etc. The final two panels portray me as a Venus Figurine. During the stone age, these figurines depicting a large women with big breasts, stomachs, hips, and thighs, were traded between nomadic tribes as a sort of peace offering. I attempted to create a sort of parallel between humans referring to fat women as animals and animalistic humans referring to fat women as an ideal.



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