Self-Portrait Proposal

In digital media, our current assignment is a collage type piece depicting the self. A lot of my art is self-portraiture, I’m constantly going back to it. As Kahlo said, “I paint self portraits…because I am the person I know the best”. I’m still unsure of how to go about this assignment. I’ve asked some of my closest friends to describe any imagery that comes to mind when they think of me. Joey gave me a beautiful color scheme to consider with soft, hazy peaches cut by deep, sharp reds. I thought about incorporating some of the places I used to live, or I might include images of the master’s religious works, Da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, to represent the years of Catholic schooling I endured and my religious upbringing. There’s also the idea of water I might attempt to assimilate into the collage. I’m a swimmer and there’s something about the idea of achieving near weightlessness that I love. I haven’t quite decided how to best portray myself through this assignment. So, today, I might tinker around with a few of these ideas and (hopefully) come to a better understanding 0f what I want to do.


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