In digital media, our assignment was to create a postcard using both pixel based and vector images using adobe illustrator. I transformed one of my intaglio prints into a vector image and placed it on top of a normal image of the ocean. Using the calligraphy tool, I crosshatched around my drawing to assimilate it into the waves. The instructions on my card were kind of a play on “washing away one’s worries”. I asked the reader to write down their worries and then wet the card in any way they see fit. On the side opposite of the instructions I included one of my own worries (above the bird), it reads, “I AM NO LONGER MY OWN”. I’m hoping this postcard offers the people involved some form of catharsis! I’m happy with the final result, it has the moody, distressed look I was originally aiming for.


Self Portrait- Digital Media

I ended up creating my self-portrait centered around my catholic upbringing. Raphael’s putti in the bottom corners are representative of the painting my mother has had hanging in our homes for the past two decades. Michelangelo’s creation of Adam hands are inverted and wrapped around my neck and DaVinci’s Madonna with the carnation is below my eye. (Carnations were first believed to have appeared on Earth from the tears of the virgin- representing a mother’s undying love.) In latin, above the halo, reads, “Ignosce mihi, pater, quit peccavi” or “Forgive me, father, for I have sinned”. This statement begins the Catholic sacrament of Reconciliation (a mandatory exercise for children attending Catholic school). I’m happy with the final product, although now, I’d consider myself more agnostic, this project was kind of cathartic. johnson_self-portrait200