Human Movement Proposal

For me, Premier is fairly daunting. I’m worried that I will focus too much on a certain idea I thought of and if I’m unable to execute it properly, I would get really frustrated. This has been a problem for me in my other studios. Instead, I’m going to film a bunch of nonsense and challenge myself to mash it together when it comes time to edit. I want to create some kind of narrative because without one, I don’t see the point in creating a video. I’m going to “wing” the narrative portion and hope I can figure something out!


Final 5×5 Emotion Video

For our first premier project, we had to film 5, 5 second videos. We were to compile to videos, but not disrupt their timeline, making a 25 second video. The short clips were supposed to invoke a certain emotion. I attempted to depict a feeling of anxiousness in my 5×5 video. I’m pretty sure I was successful in doing so because a few of my classmates got it off the bat. I filmed some of my nervous ticks- playing with my tongue ring, picking at my nails, tapping my foot, smoking. I changed the color scheme to a more unnatural, sickly greenish to invoke uneasiness in the viewer. I also bumped up the volume within each clip to exaggerate what I was doing.

Identity Quadryptic

The Identity Quadryptic assignment asked for us to create 4 5 by 7 in panels. The 4 panels were to be cohesive and have only vector images and a drawn element created in Illustrator. Transferring from photoshop to illustrator has been a struggle for me because i went from being completely comfortable with the program i was working with to knowing nothing about the program.

My quadryptic centers around bad luck. Recently, I’ve felt like things haven’t been going my way no matter how I try. Each panel has a different element of bad luck, snake eye dice, an ominous fortune, the WHIP hand, and an umbrella indoors. I liked how i physically set up the images as well for critique. I think my images look enough alike, but maintain compositional differences to keep it interesting.

Propaganda Poster Proposal

For my Propaganda Poster, I want to do something revolving around fat women or fat people and how they’re treated. I want the phrase to be shocking and I want the imagery to be unsettling or even offensive. I think that’s what makes good propaganda. I’ve got a few inspirations, but I’m going to try to create something entirely my own- at least in terms of wording.