Human Movement Video

Our Human Movement video requirements were pretty open and vague. We had only the idea of “Human Movement” to go off of. I’m in Albert’s Dada and Surrealism class and we’ve been studying films from these two movements. The films had little coherence and no obvious plot or rationale. My film was inspired by Sigmund Freud as was a lot of the work made by Dadaists and Surrealists. The film delves into Eitzman’s (Olivia’s) subconscious producing a random array of clips that don’t make much sense. I tried to make it as obvious as possible that she was dreaming through differing clip transitions and filters. Most of the footage wasn’t planned. I tried to rely on automatism alone (a staple when creating art as a dadaist/surrealist). I wasn’t aware I was even being filmed for some of it. I think this made the video a little more relatable. I was happy with the final product!


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