Hybrid Final Project

I was extremely excited to start the final project because we weren’t limited in terms of medium or concept besides the fact that it had to combine both digital and “analog” components. For my project, I created a collage using digitally altered images of myself and found objects. This piece, which I titled, “Untitled #27”. This piece was extremely personal. I was diagnosed with clinical depression at the age of 15, my mother suffers from the same illness. I’ve been on and off different medications since then and just recently had an appointment with a new psychiatrist for a new medicine. I haven’t been feeling too well this semester and creating this collage was an amazing form of catharsis for me. I think my recent thoughts and appointments acted as the catalyst for this collage. I don’t really relish the thought of speaking out about my mental health, but this collage provided me with a different kind of outlet. I didn’t want my thoughts or words to be easily read, so I oriented them in all different directions and created somewhat of a code while writing. I wanted to focus on composition in this piece which I think I did so effectively. I used a variety of media including my altered images, film negatives, burnt matches, acrylic paint, cigarette boxes, doctor’s notes, prescription labels. I wanted to create a kind of “I Spy” game within the collage. Some elements are so small, you’d be better off with a magnifying glass. I’m extremely satisfied with the final product and I’m glad I had the opportunity to create this.


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