Post Card Returns

I received only one post card back from this process, but I was pleased with the result. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the card, I taped it in my sketchbook which is currently in the possession of Darice Polo and the rest of my Final Portfolio for Drawing III. The writer left it anonymous, but it read, “I worry about a lot of things. My friends, my family, even myself, and my worth.” The post card was also wrinkled due to water damage so they followed my instructions to a tee. I found this persons’ words very relatable- who doesn’t worry about those things?

Unfortunately, the cards I mailed out never made it back to me. I mailed one to my older sister and her husband in Canada, but they said they had never received it. I’m assuming I wrote the address incorrectly. I also sent one to an old friend in Texas, but she never mailed it back to me. She said she was too busy with school- I guess that’s an engineering major for ya! I saved the pdf to my flashdrive- so I might just make a few more copies and hand them out randomly. I think I’d prefer to receive my postcard from strangers rather than friends.


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