2D Final 




Artist Statement 

I titled my series “Kind” after the noun “Human Kind”. Before beginning the project, we were asked to think of what inspired us and to use that inspiration for our final. I thought about this question for quite some time, and I decided that people inspire me. Their everyday actions of  kindness, wisdom, strength- everything human beings are capable of inspires me. 

This series includes a person, a heart, and a third molar (more commonly known as a wisdom tooth). The person represents man kind, the heart represents courage, and the tooth represents intelligence. 

Project 4: Concept 

Pietro Sedda

Italian tattoo artist

Chadwick Tyler: http://www.chadwicktyler.com


Black and White portrait photography mostly of women, often nude. Other pictures feature old school Americana.

David Walker: http://www.artofdavidwalker.com

Based in London, Street Artist

Huge scale spray paint portraits- usually women/children. His work is done completely without the use of stencils or brushes. His paints blend usually by dripping.

Voka: http://www.voka.at/en/?d=gallery

Large scale spontaneous realism, lots of color/line. Usually portraits of famous people. Voka, born 1965, lives and works in the Lower Austrian town of Puchberg am Schneeberg.


– Contemporary Art is the art of today, produced by artists living in the 21st century.

– Contemporary Art focuses on social issues, themes, and people of today.

– Portraits, especially uniquely done ones, genuinely interest me- something about the look in their eyes and how it transfers into a piece.

– An artist statement is a brief description of the work done by the artist, it should include a glimpse into the artist’s reasoning in order to provide the viewer with a better understanding of the piece.

– I want to make art that is beautiful, awe-inspiring, intriguing,  volatile, disturbing, ugly, anything! I want my art to be different.